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Wear Factors of Band Saw Blade
  Who use for the saw blade should know,will be affect the saw blade life if it was damaged.Wich will be increse the cost. That's diffcult issue for the user. What are the reason become to damaged saw blade? Let us to review.
  1.The Opperation of technique: If you do not follow the operation process
  2.Character Stage: If you do not apply the character stage of saw blade very well, it will be affact the fuction.
  3.The choice for saw blade: If use the wrong teeth profile,it will damage the saw blde & the life will be short. 
  4.Equipment Adjustment:
   a.The presure of oil pump is too high or too low, it will break the saw blade since transfer the presure to the wheel not stable
   b.The guide block adjustment is wrong, the saw blade suffer uneven press, it will be damage.
  5.The status of Equipment: since the raw material are not stable, the fixture was damaged serious.That will affact the saw blade life.
  6.Operator: That's the reason why damaged the saw blade if the operation is incorrect, too fast & operator are unskillful.

  How to use the saw blade
 1.make sure the tool was fixed & the sawing direction before start to produce.Don't exert presure, keep stable if sawing processs, to avoid any accident.
 2.When start to produce, if you found any noise & Vibration are abnormal,please stop & check immediately.
 3.Don't cut deeply too fast at the beginning to avoid saw tooth damaged.
 4.when cutting Aluminium alloy or other metals, band saw blade should be used with Cooling lubricant, to avoid the saw blade was too hot.
 5.Make sure the Chip Removal groove are clean.
 6.When dry cutting, don't process for long time to aovid affact the cutting life & effect. Be careful the Electric leakage, once wet sheet cutting.
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