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What will affact the cutting precision?
  Traditional metal sawing is usually considered as a cut-off process. Along with the developing of modern industry for high efficiency, precision and economic, sawing becomes a very critical step in components process. Auto saw machine and band saw blade are widely apply to steel, machinery, automobile, shipbuilding, petroleum, mine and aerospace area.
  Jig saw, circular saw and band saw machine are maily saw machine, and band saw machine is taking advantage among these machines.  
  1. Adjust verticality between the band saw blade and machine worktable. 
  2.If the Band saw blade was damaged, you can try to repair it.
  3.Band saw blade maybe too loose,tighten the band saw blade.
  4.Feed speed is too fast. 
  5.Distance between the blade guide is too much, normally should be 6-10cm wider than the timber size. 
  6.Blade guide roller is damaged. 
Band saw machine is suitable for cutting all kinds of metal materials. Can be used in high temperature, high humidity environment, but should keep in maintenance.
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